Press Release - City Officials Move to Temporarily Close Public Spaces

on April 3, 2020


City of Neodesha Officials Move to Temporarily Close Public Spaces

 April 3, 2020 (Neodesha, Kansas) – In a special call commission meeting Friday afternoon, the governing body for the City of Neodesha moved to take further precautionary measures in their efforts to protect the community from exposure and spread of COVID-19. Until at least April 22 and effective immediately, public parks, recreational spaces (e.g. – skate parks, basketball courts, athletic fields) and adjoining parking lots will be closed for public use. The following city properties are included:

 All public parks (Stadium Park, Library Park/Memorial Park, Crowder Park)
City Pond and recreational space
Neodesha Youth Soccer Complex
All baseball/softball fields (Legion Field, Bailey Field, Barney’s North & South Fields)
Rotary Park (basketball courts)
Neodesha Skate Park
Neodesha Splash Zone

 The extra precautionary measures were deemed necessary with the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the state and now neighboring counties. “We are still encouraging kids and adults to get outside your home and get fresh air; just be responsible about it,” said Mayor Devin Johnson. Mayor Johnson added, “it is disheartening to see some continuing to gather in groups and even playing pick-up basketball games; as health officials continue to preach the importance of social distancing.”


“The steps we take now will have an enormous impact on the health of our citizens and the amount of time until we can return to a level of normalcy. We cannot stress enough; stay home when you can, practice social distancing when performing essential tasks, and be mindful of your fellow citizens. We owe it to each other; especially those most vulnerable in our community,” concluded Mayor Johnson.


The City of Neodesha will continue to provide updates and share any new information pertaining to COVID-19 as it becomes available. Information is also available through the Wilson County Health Department or by visiting and