Alternate Means List for Conducting City Business & Paying Your Bill

on March 23, 2020

We STRONGLY encourage the use of alternate means of conducting City business and to pay your utility bill as requested below to limit points of personal contact to help keep you, your loved ones and City staff healthy.

* Payment by Drop Box located at City Hall – 1407 N 8th Street
* Payment by Mail – PO Box 336, Neodesha, KS  66757
* Payment by Phone – Staff will take your credit/debit card payment over the phone -                                     contact 620-325-2828, press “0”
* Payment Online – Visit our Website at / choose “Pay my Bill” and follow the             prompts
* Direct Call Services for Credit Card Payments at Payment Services Network Inc (PSN) at 877-885-7968

For all other City business such as establishing utility service or disconnect services, or if you have any other questions, please call us directly at 620-325-2828, press “0”.

To further combat and limit the spread of the virus the City of Neodesha is asking that all utility payments be made in the fashion as stated above.  If you must pay by CASH, your payment will be accepted by City Hall Drop Box only.  Payment must be sealed in an envelope with name, address, account number and labeled “CASH”.  Payments must be made in exact change or if exact change is not possible, any overpayment will be credited to your next bill.

Thank you for your continued trust in us and the opportunity to serve you.  Stay well!!