City Hall & the Coronavirus Event

on March 17, 2020

City of Neodesha - COVID 19 / Coronavirus Event

In an abundance of public caution, the City of Neodesha is taking several proactive steps to combat and limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic locally.

At a Special Call Meeting that was held at City Hall on March 16, 2020 the Neodesha City Commission endorsed the following:

Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 the Neodesha Recreation and Civic Center will be closed to the public and unavailable for rental indefinitely during this outbreak period. Full refunds will be offered to any party with a canceled reservation.

City Hall will remain open with limited public access beyond the lobby.  The use of public restrooms at the facility is closed. 

The City of Neodesha is encouraging all Utility Customers to use the following alternate services to pay utility bills and conduct other business:

* Payment by drop box located at City Hall, 1407 N 8th Street

* Payment by mail - PO Box 336, Neodesha, KS  66757

* Payment over the Phone - City Hall Staff will take your credit card payment over the phone at

   620-325-2828 “press 0”

* Payment Online

   Visit our website at / Pay My Bill

* Direct Call Services for Credit Card Payments

   Payment Service Network Inc (PSN) 877-885-7968

* To Establish Utility Service Connections or Transfer of Services

   Call City Hall to make an appointment 620-325-2828 “press 0”

* For Utility Disconnect of Service

   Authority will be accepted by phone 620-325-2828 “press 0"

* All other business will be handled at the front window with precaution.

If you have any other questions concerning this please call us at City Hall.

Thank you for your consideration during this event.

City Hall Staff