City Requests Assistance from Community on Addressing

on July 11, 2018

The City of Neodesha is asking for assistance from all residents and business owners in providing addresses to assist emergency Fire/EMS or Police services in locating structures.

On March 8, 2017 the City of Neodesha Commission adopted an Ordinance requiring that all home and business owners put addressing numbers on their building in a prominent location.  The purpose of this ordinance is for safety and protection of the community.  If a 911 call goes out and the crew responding cannot find the address because there is no numbers on it then crucial emergency care can be delayed.  This is especially dangerous if immediate help is needed.

The numbers shall be placed on the front of the building, door, post or transom or other place in such a manner that the numbers are conspicuous and can be seen and read from the street or avenue.  The numbers shall be at least (4) inches in height, made of non-rusting material and colors to contrast with the material on which the numbers are placed.

Please help the City help you.  Although there is a penalty up to $200 for non compliance we hope that this action will not be necessary.

Thank you.